Gentle nutrition counseling
in mid-coast Maine and online

Do you want to feel better about the food you’re eating so you can feel better? That’s how I help. It’s as simple as that. All my work is 100% anti-diet, weight neutral and conducted through a HAES® lens.

You can learn to feed yourself and your family a wide variety of foods, without fear. You can learn to feel fed and nourished in the body you have right now. I can show you how.

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Here's the FAQ: it's pretty long, but y'all have a lot of questions!

Do you have food anxieties or uncertainties?
Imagine feeling confident in these areas:

  • practical and safe teen sports nutrition
  • plant-based eating
  • food anxieties and fears
  • disordered eating and eating disorders
  • peaceful family mealtimes using the Division of Responsibility
  • critical thinking for understanding nutrition news, or advice from friends and family
  • medical nutrition therapy for several medical conditions
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Meet Sarah

My name is Sarah Skovran, and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist. I live on the coast of Maine with my husband and my son. You can often find me dancing in my living room, binge-watching something terrible, or laughing till I snort. Read more here.